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Puzzle Freak
Fun board game with an assortment of puzzles. (1-4 players)
added April 5, 2007
Dice Mogul
Nice Monopoly style game. Buy spaces and build properties around the board to make money from your competitors.
added November 3, 2006
Crazy Chess
Chess with power-ups. Capture the invading pawns before they reach your castle.
added October 17, 2006
Mind Your Marbles
Align five or more pieces of the same color and try to prevent the board from filling up.
added October 7, 2006
Othello variant played on a board consisting of hexagons.
added September 11, 2006
Turn-based strategy game. Place tiles on the board that will strengthen your pieces or take control of your opponent's pieces.
added August 8, 2006
Popular solitaire game with 25 pre-made layouts and a layout editor.
added August 3, 2006
Dice Wars
Strategy game in the same vein as Risk. Conquer neighboring territories by rolling greater numbers with your dice.
added July 17, 2006
Arrange guests around the tables and make sure they're all happy.
added June 20, 2006
Get rid of all your cards before your computer opponent does.
added June 16, 2006
Roll the dice to complete combinations and score points.
added May 24, 2006
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