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Smash 2
Excellent Breakout/Arkanoid clone. In this variant the paddle can be moved vertically, allowing you to hit the ball harder. (Requires Flash 9)
added March 31, 2007
Klax 3D
Catch the blocks that fall from the conveyor belt and stack them to form klaxes.
added August 23, 2006
The classic Frogger remade in Flash. Guide frogs across the busy street and perilous river.
added August 13, 2006
Stack tetronimoes in horizontal lines to score points. Includes high score table.
added July 31, 2006
Playing with Fire
Bomberman clone. Challenge another player on the same computer or up to three AI opponents.
added July 26, 2006
Bubble Trouble
Shoot bouncing bubbles with your harpoon. Features one player and two player co-op mode.
added July 13, 2006
Space Invaders
Flash-based clone of the well-known arcade game. Includes authentic sounds.
added July 10, 2006
Raiden X
Vertical-scrolling shooter with several enemies to destroy and power-ups to collect.
added June 28, 2006
Trap balls into smaller spaces with your wall-building material.
added June 13, 2006
The quintessential arcade game of the 80s. Eat dots while being pursued by Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.
added June 4, 2006
Java-based game with levels and graphics inspired by the classic Arkanoid arcade game.
added May 29, 2006
The popular mobile phone game with three difficulty levels and high scores for each setting.
added May 26, 2006
Classic vector-based shoot 'em up featuring a high score list.
added May 22, 2006
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