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Globetrotter XL
It's time to find out how you measure up when it comes to pinpointing cities around the world.
added February 23, 2009
Bubble Tanks
Navigate your bubble tank through a seemingly endless world of bubbles, destroying other tanks and collecting bubbles to evolve.
added March 23, 2007
No time limit or set number of lives; just the simple task of making enough dots explode to complete the level. Nice music included.
added March 19, 2007
Free Rider
Combination of the popular Line Rider game and Adrenaline Challenge. Design, play and share courses.
added March 13, 2007
A simple mouse-only time waster. Move the platform to get the statues to climb up the swinging ladder.
added February 20, 2007
Drag platforms and circles on the screen to influence the particles. Fun.
added February 8, 2007
A pandemic simulation game in which you assume the role of a virus. Kill off the human race before they develop a cure.
added January 25, 2007
Flight of the Hamsters
A variation of the Penguin Swing game featuring hamsters. Cute.
added January 12, 2007
World of Sand
A sandbox in your browser. Experiment with the materials available to you.
added November 18, 2006
Line Rider
A game with no real objectives. Draw a track for the sledder to ride on.
added October 16, 2006
White Shirts
Similar idea to those "Where's Waldo?" books. Scroll through different levels of the office building and click all the workers with white attire.
added September 5, 2006
Crazy Avoider
There's an energetic guy after your mouse cursor. Avoid him and his attempts to destroy your cursor.
added September 3, 2006
Micro Life
Develop a culture of microorganisms to help them leave the planet.
added August 29, 2006
Win a Million
Trivia game based on the format of the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire game show.
added August 9, 2006
Chaos Theory
Set off a chain reaction of explosions with the single click of your mouse.
added July 24, 2006
Use your Spiderman-like powers to swing the distance.
added July 15, 2006
Nanaca Crash
Send the male character as far as you can with the assistance of your aerial crashes.
added July 7, 2006
Reaction Effect
Start a chain reaction of tiles that will last as long as possible.
added June 26, 2006
Penguin Swing
Smack the penguin as far as possible with the Yeti's bat.
added June 24, 2006
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