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Plan ahead to connect all the squares. An original puzzle game consisting of 18 levels.
added March 20, 2007
No time limit or set number of lives; just the simple task of making enough dots explode to complete the level. Nice music included.
added March 19, 2007
Complete the levels by making all the red blocks fall.
added March 15, 2007
Let It Flow
Connect-the-pipes puzzler made to support Red Nose Day. A great game for a great cause.
added March 14, 2007
Free Rider
Combination of the popular Line Rider game and Adrenaline Challenge. Design, play and share courses.
added March 13, 2007
Nice avoider game in which you control, you guessed it, a formation.
added March 8, 2007
Line Game
Guide the line to the end of the maze using either the arrow keys or mouse.
added March 2, 2007
Rings and Sticks
Unique puzzle game in which control the growth of a tree to collect rings.
added February 27, 2007
It appears to be a basic space shooter at first but this game will turn your world upside down.
added February 21, 2007
A simple mouse-only time waster. Move the platform to get the statues to climb up the swinging ladder.
added February 20, 2007
Boxhead: More Rooms
Expanded version of Boxhead:The Rooms, a zombie survival game. (mild violence)
added February 9, 2007
Drag platforms and circles on the screen to influence the particles. Fun.
added February 8, 2007
Furiko Neko
The latest addition to the NekoGames series. Move the background to help the swinging cat collect all the gems.
added February 6, 2007
Flash Element TD
Prevent enemies from reaching the end of the maze by building towers to attack them. Similar to the previously featured Tower Defence.
added February 2, 2007
White Jigsaw
No pictures. No colors. Just a white jigsaw puzzle. Starts out simple, but becomes more time consuming with each puzzle.
added February 1, 2007
A colorful block stacking puzzle. It is seemingly impossible to lose, which is always a nice confidence booster :-)
added January 30, 2007
Nice transport puzzle game a la Sokoban.
added January 26, 2007
A pandemic simulation game in which you assume the role of a virus. Kill off the human race before they develop a cure.
added January 25, 2007
Crimson Room
Excellent "escape the room" game. Search the room for items and figure out how to escape.
added January 24, 2007
Double Maze
Two mazes simultaneously. Guide the orb in each maze to the tile containing a star.
added January 22, 2007
Simple drawing/evasion game. Touch blue and avoid red colored squares.
added January 18, 2007
Rolley Ball
Tilt the board to guide your ball out of the maze. Playable with the mouse or keyboard.
added January 16, 2007
Flight of the Hamsters
A variation of the Penguin Swing game featuring hamsters. Cute.
added January 12, 2007
Boxhead: The Rooms
See how long you can survive in a typical zombie scenario. (mild violence)
added January 11, 2007
Don't let the red balls touch the blue ball. This one is addictive.
added January 8, 2007
A cross between Same Game and Tetris, with an added twist.
added January 6, 2007
Submachine 2: The Lighthouse
The sequel to Submachine, a point-and-click adventure game.
added January 4, 2007
Tower Defence
Construct towers with various elements to prevent enemies from advancing to your castle.
added January 2, 2007
A new game to start off the new year! Draw a temporary shield to deflect objects back at alien ships.
added January 1, 2007
Deep Freeze
Icy platformer reminiscent of Bubble Bobble. Turn enemies into snowballs and roll them into walls.
added December 22, 2006
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