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Bullet Bill 2
The sequel to Bullet Bill, a game which lets you play as the bullet from Super Mario games. (6Mb)
added November 14, 2006
Guru-Guru Neko
Cute and original Flash game. Collect dots and avoid mischievous creatures.
added November 13, 2006
Four-sided Tetris. Form rows and columns to shift the blue blocks towards the center of the grid.
added November 12, 2006
Well-produced Flash game. Carry your egg sack to the end of each level.
added November 11, 2006
Fancy Pants Adventure
Platform adventure game similar in style to Sonic the Hedgehog games.
added November 10, 2006
Road Blocks
Challenging puzzle game. Try to get the ball to the goal.
added November 9, 2006
Moving the chess knight in the traditional L-shape, color all white squares on the board.
added November 8, 2006
River IQ Game
Follow the rules to get everyone across the river.
added November 7, 2006
Run Run
Avoid all obstacles in your way using either a small or big jump.
added November 6, 2006
QWERTY Warriors
A fun method to practice your typing. Type the words below each enemy to fire at them.
added November 5, 2006
Paint Ball
Draw a path to guide the ball to the red block.
added November 4, 2006
Dice Mogul
Nice Monopoly style game. Buy spaces and build properties around the board to make money from your competitors.
added November 3, 2006
Make the trajectory of the sputnik as long as possible using the gravity of the planets.
added November 2, 2006
Guide the character through a series of rooms, solving puzzles within each room to advance.
added November 1, 2006
Candy Toss
The kids are coming... throw them the Halloween treats or they'll get angry.
added October 31, 2006
Double Wires
Physics-based game with a ragdoll that swings like Spider-Man.
added October 30, 2006
Swing from post to post to turn all the pegs yellow.
added October 29, 2006
Paper Toss
Throw the crumpled ball of paper into the wastebasket.
added October 28, 2006
Turbocharged Penguins
Keep the penguin in the air, using turbocharges for an extra boost.
added October 27, 2006
Connect parts to make a continuous pipeline and let the water flow through.
added October 26, 2006
Flamingo Drive
It's like golf, only instead of a club you use a flamingo and the ball is a penguin.
added October 25, 2006
Moebius Syndrome
Prevent the pieces from filling up the screen by rotating them to form loops.
added October 24, 2006
The Polar Express
Click on switches to guide the train around the track.
added October 23, 2006
Mansion Impossible
Real estate market simulation. Buy houses and sell them at the right time to make the most profit.
added October 22, 2006
Make sure you have your speakers on for this one. Streamline is a music-synchronized game.
added October 21, 2006
Free Kick Challenge
Score as many consecutive goals as you can in the Original Free Kick Challenge.
added October 20, 2006
Global Player
Deliver colored packages to the correct destinations.
added October 19, 2006
Try to keep the comet from hitting any blue planets until time runs out.
added October 18, 2006
Crazy Chess
Chess with power-ups. Capture the invading pawns before they reach your castle.
added October 17, 2006
Line Rider
A game with no real objectives. Draw a track for the sledder to ride on.
added October 16, 2006
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