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Bashing Pumpkins
You will need to be quick with your mouse for this Halloween-themed game.
added October 15, 2006
Nex Game
Smash the ice walls with your fists before you run into one of them.
added October 14, 2006
Turn-based tank game for up to five players. The last tank standing wins the game.
added October 13, 2006
Draw Play
Draw your level and play it. Can you draw your way through all 20 levels?
added October 12, 2006
Laser Logic
Fun with lasers. Arrange mirrors to light up all the targets.
added October 11, 2006
Use your mouse to ride the bull for as long as you can.
added October 10, 2006
Get the ball to reach the goal using electromagnets.
added October 9, 2006
Math-oriented Zuma. Shoot at numbered balls to create the target value.
added October 8, 2006
Mind Your Marbles
Align five or more pieces of the same color and try to prevent the board from filling up.
added October 7, 2006
10 Second Challenge
Hit the ball as far as you can within the 10 second time limit.
added October 6, 2006
Link every highlighted space on the board either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
added October 5, 2006
Fruit Fall
Rotate the game area to group three or more identical pieces of fruit.
added October 4, 2006
Tower Blaster
Construct a tower with numbered blocks. Finish before your opponent to win.
added October 3, 2006
An appropriate name for such a game. Prevent the balls from destroying your base.
added October 2, 2006
Same Game
Click on groups of same-colored blocks to clear the screen.
added October 1, 2006
Create molecular structures by connecting all the atoms.
added September 30, 2006
Flip mirrors to make the ball collect all the gems and reach the exit.
added September 29, 2006
Kill all the bad cells to cure your patient.
added September 28, 2006
Perform tricks on a trampoline. Remember to time your jumps for maximum height.
added September 27, 2006
The Package
You have 15 minutes to solve all the puzzles that will defuse the bomb. Are you up for the challenge?
added September 26, 2006
Roll your snowball down the hill and see how big you can make it.
added September 25, 2006
You'll need to be quick and possess a good memory for this game.
added September 24, 2006
Frog Mania
Catch all the dragonflies by extending the frogs' tongues.
added September 23, 2006
Viral Billiards
Spread your infection in the least number of shots possible.
added September 22, 2006
Infect. Evolve. Repeat.
Infect red blood cells and use the points you earn to evolve your virus.
added September 21, 2006
Hyper Sphere
Marble Madness-like game with a top-down perspective.
added September 20, 2006
Aqua Energizer
Like an underwater Boulderdash. Push the red energy balls into the blue energizers and teleport to the next level.
added September 19, 2006
Tangram puzzles. Arrange the seven pieces to match the given shape.
added September 18, 2006
Park Life
Collect all the skateboard parts but be careful of explosives, wire and skater thugs.
added September 17, 2006
Bubble Shooter
Similar to Snood. Connect three or more identical-colored bubbles to make them explode, and try to clear all the bubbles on the screen.
added September 16, 2006
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