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Tennis Game
Superb tennis game. Play an exhibition match or participate in a tournament.
added September 14, 2006
Pattern Panic
Locate the center of the matching pattern.
added September 13, 2006
Get the electron to the goal by jumping electron orbits. Timing is essential.
added September 12, 2006
Othello variant played on a board consisting of hexagons.
added September 11, 2006
Skill game similar to shuffleboard. Slide cubes so that they come to stop within the numbered areas.
added September 10, 2006
Use your mouse to balance the stick for as long as possible.
added September 9, 2006
Click Drag Type 3
A collection of 15 puzzles which you must solve by clicking, dragging and typing.
added September 8, 2006
Mercury Drops
Collect smaller drops of mercury to become the biggest drop.
added September 7, 2006
White Shirts
Similar idea to those "Where's Waldo?" books. Scroll through different levels of the office building and click all the workers with white attire.
added September 5, 2006
Fit the Position
Fit each position with its corresponding shape before time expires.
added September 4, 2006
Crazy Avoider
There's an energetic guy after your mouse cursor. Avoid him and his attempts to destroy your cursor.
added September 3, 2006
Take the basic concept of curling, put it into action on a soccer field, throw in Sumo wrestlers and you'll get Twang.
added September 2, 2006
Little Soldiers
Lemmings-like game play. Guide your little soldiers to safety using tools you find.
added September 1, 2006
Orca Slap
Send each penguin towards the target with a snowball and assistance from the orca.
added August 31, 2006
wOne 2
Physics-based game in which you roll a wheel to collect stars and golden balls.
added August 30, 2006
Micro Life
Develop a culture of microorganisms to help them leave the planet.
added August 29, 2006
Naive Town
It may look like another Tetris clone at first glance but this is quite an original take on the falling blocks style games.
added August 28, 2006
Connect-the-dots game. Use your crayon to finish all 20 levels as fast as you can.
added August 27, 2006
Qix/Pacman hybrid. Claim 75% of the area while being chased by ghosts.
added August 26, 2006
Camera Mind
Unique memory game. Click the last circle added to the screen.
added August 25, 2006
Take part in five challenges held by a tribe of savage warriors.
added August 24, 2006
Klax 3D
Catch the blocks that fall from the conveyor belt and stack them to form klaxes.
added August 23, 2006
Bullet Bill
Fast side-scrolling game in which you play as the bullet from Super Mario Bros.
added August 22, 2006
Basketball game. Make a shot from anywhere on the court for your opponent to follow.
added August 21, 2006
Given a blueprint, stack tiles to form the specified structure before you run out of time.
added August 20, 2006
Arrow Tag
A game that requires much skill with your mouse.
added August 19, 2006
Chopper Drop
Simplistic 80s retro style game. Drop bombs on the buildings to avoid crashing into them.
added August 18, 2006
Dodge oncoming cubes for as long as possible.
added August 17, 2006
Crazy Pool
Clear the table by making balls of the same color collide with each other.
added August 16, 2006
Kaeru Jump
Make the frog hop all the stones so that only one remains.
added August 15, 2006
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