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Bumper Ball
Air hockey meets bumper cars. Score more goals than your opponent before the clock runs out.
added August 14, 2006
The classic Frogger remade in Flash. Guide frogs across the busy street and perilous river.
added August 13, 2006
The movement of your mouse cursor is reversed and you must try to guide it through each level without touching the walls.
added August 12, 2006
Merlin's Revenge 2
Cast spells to kill the skeleton warriors and other creatures that lurk in the forest.
added August 11, 2006
Battle against wave after wave of enemies in this fast-paced arcade shooter.
added August 10, 2006
Win a Million
Trivia game based on the format of the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire game show.
added August 9, 2006
Turn-based strategy game. Place tiles on the board that will strengthen your pieces or take control of your opponent's pieces.
added August 8, 2006
Split particles with your laser beam. Certain colored particles will require higher frequencies to split.
added August 7, 2006
Shuriken Challenge
Throw shurikens at soldiers to prove yourself worthy of the next belt.
added August 6, 2006
Pio Pio
Dodge rockets and collect fruits while avoiding numerous distractions.
added August 5, 2006
Turtle Bridge
Hop from turtle to turtle to get your luggage across the river.
added August 4, 2006
Popular solitaire game with 25 pre-made layouts and a layout editor.
added August 3, 2006
FFX Runner
3D racing game. Avoid getting your car destroyed by vehicles while collecting fuel and wrenches scattered throughout the level.
added August 2, 2006
String Avoider
Guide a trailing string from start to finish. Features level editor.
added August 1, 2006
Stack tetronimoes in horizontal lines to score points. Includes high score table.
added July 31, 2006
Unique game play with delightful graphics and music. Balance on a tightrope with your uncicycle and collect blue balls.
added July 30, 2006
The Waitress
A day in the life of a waitress. Take orders, serve the food and make sure to clean up to keep customers happy.
added July 29, 2006
Pixel Field
Grab all the blue energy pixels with your movable red pixels.
added July 28, 2006
Parking Zone
Park all the cars in the parking zones of the same color.
added July 27, 2006
Playing with Fire
Bomberman clone. Challenge another player on the same computer or up to three AI opponents.
added July 26, 2006
Move pieces on the grid that obstruct your path to get the blue block through the exit.
added July 25, 2006
Chaos Theory
Set off a chain reaction of explosions with the single click of your mouse.
added July 24, 2006
Table Tennis
Realistic 3D table tennis. Challenge one of three computer opponents in a best of 3 match.
added July 23, 2006
Hapland 2
The second installment of Hapland. Take the necessary steps to activate the portal.
added July 22, 2006
Warp Forest
Unique driving/puzzle game. Shoot the abormal trees and animals and collect the keys that enable you to warp to the next level.
added July 21, 2006
Ball Revamped: Metaphysik
Guide the ball to the goal in each level, avoiding all obstacles. Includes 125 challenging levels.
added July 20, 2006
Similar to Lode Runner but with a ninja. This platform game features a realistic physics engine.
added July 19, 2006
Ball Bounce
Send the ball to the other side without hitting any light grey blocks.
added July 18, 2006
Dice Wars
Strategy game in the same vein as Risk. Conquer neighboring territories by rolling greater numbers with your dice.
added July 17, 2006
Splash Back
Clear as many levels as you can by adding drops to cause blobs to burst.
added July 16, 2006
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