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Use your Spiderman-like powers to swing the distance.
added July 15, 2006
Jurassic Putt
Challenge yourself or up to three other players in 18 holes of miniature golf.
added July 14, 2006
Bubble Trouble
Shoot bouncing bubbles with your harpoon. Features one player and two player co-op mode.
added July 13, 2006
Merlin's Revenge
2D adventure/shooting game. Cast spells on the monsters that inhabit the forest and rescue your brother from the Scarlet wizard.
added July 12, 2006
Gems - Hexic Revisited
Rotate hexagonal tiles to group three or more identical pieces together.
added July 11, 2006
Space Invaders
Flash-based clone of the well-known arcade game. Includes authentic sounds.
added July 10, 2006
Pepsi Pinball
Pinball with an old west theme. Get the ball into the saloon to bring up the mini-game.
added July 9, 2006
Overhead driving game reminiscent of Pac-Man. Clear the snowy streets of Boston using your snowplow.
added July 8, 2006
Nanaca Crash
Send the male character as far as you can with the assistance of your aerial crashes.
added July 7, 2006
Lost Your Marbles
Collect all the marbles without colliding into walls and other obstacles.
added July 6, 2006
Fill in the grid so that every column, row and 3x3 region includes the digits 1 through 9.
added July 5, 2006
Keep the ball bouncing by having it land on certain tiles.
added July 4, 2006
Through a series of actions, try to light up both torches and open the portal.
added July 3, 2006
Adrenaline Challenge
Maneuver your bike through each challenging level to collect all the tags and bring them to the exit.
added July 2, 2006
Rearrange the vertices so that no lines intersect.
added July 1, 2006
Touch anything that is black and avoid everything that's red.
added June 30, 2006
3D Logic
A refreshing new puzzle concept. Join colored spaces by drawing paths across a 3D cube.
added June 29, 2006
Raiden X
Vertical-scrolling shooter with several enemies to destroy and power-ups to collect.
added June 28, 2006
Quirky billiards-type game. Strike the Looser ball that tries to elude your cue ball.
added June 27, 2006
Reaction Effect
Start a chain reaction of tiles that will last as long as possible.
added June 26, 2006
Defend Your Castle
Fling around the stick figures who threaten your castle.
added June 25, 2006
Penguin Swing
Smack the penguin as far as possible with the Yeti's bat.
added June 24, 2006
Cute forest creatures are trapped inside colorful blocks. Form groups of three or more to set them free.
added June 23, 2006
Compact Catch
Reach your target audience by throwing your newspaper to the young people.
added June 22, 2006
Driver's Ed
Learn the essential driving skills and take the exam to get your virtual driver's license.
added June 21, 2006
Arrange guests around the tables and make sure they're all happy.
added June 20, 2006
Crab Ball
Play a game of beach volleyball as a crab. Includes relaxing ocean sounds to set the mood.
added June 19, 2006
Determine the angle and strength it will take to hit your opponent with your bow and arrow.
added June 18, 2006
Your city is under attack and only a typing master can protect it.
added June 17, 2006
Get rid of all your cards before your computer opponent does.
added June 16, 2006
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