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Little Soldiers
Lemmings-like game play. Guide your little soldiers to safety using tools you find.
added September 1, 2006
Naive Town
It may look like another Tetris clone at first glance but this is quite an original take on the falling blocks style games.
added August 28, 2006
Camera Mind
Unique memory game. Click the last circle added to the screen.
added August 25, 2006
Given a blueprint, stack tiles to form the specified structure before you run out of time.
added August 20, 2006
Kaeru Jump
Make the frog hop all the stones so that only one remains.
added August 15, 2006
Parking Zone
Park all the cars in the parking zones of the same color.
added July 27, 2006
Move pieces on the grid that obstruct your path to get the blue block through the exit.
added July 25, 2006
Hapland 2
The second installment of Hapland. Take the necessary steps to activate the portal.
added July 22, 2006
Warp Forest
Unique driving/puzzle game. Shoot the abormal trees and animals and collect the keys that enable you to warp to the next level.
added July 21, 2006
Splash Back
Clear as many levels as you can by adding drops to cause blobs to burst.
added July 16, 2006
Gems - Hexic Revisited
Rotate hexagonal tiles to group three or more identical pieces together.
added July 11, 2006
Fill in the grid so that every column, row and 3x3 region includes the digits 1 through 9.
added July 5, 2006
Through a series of actions, try to light up both torches and open the portal.
added July 3, 2006
Rearrange the vertices so that no lines intersect.
added July 1, 2006
3D Logic
A refreshing new puzzle concept. Join colored spaces by drawing paths across a 3D cube.
added June 29, 2006
Cute forest creatures are trapped inside colorful blocks. Form groups of three or more to set them free.
added June 23, 2006
Orbox B
Use logic to find a way to the exit. Can you complete all 30 levels?
added June 11, 2006
Zoo Keeper
Swap adjacent animals to form lines of three or more identical animals.
added June 6, 2006
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