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Combine numbers to create sums of 10 and 20.
added May 15, 2007
Nice avoider game in which you control, you guessed it, a formation.
added March 8, 2007
Line Game
Guide the line to the end of the maze using either the arrow keys or mouse.
added March 2, 2007
Furiko Neko
The latest addition to the NekoGames series. Move the background to help the swinging cat collect all the gems.
added February 6, 2007
Flash Element TD
Prevent enemies from reaching the end of the maze by building towers to attack them. Similar to the previously featured Tower Defence.
added February 2, 2007
Simple drawing/evasion game. Touch blue and avoid red colored squares.
added January 18, 2007
Rolley Ball
Tilt the board to guide your ball out of the maze. Playable with the mouse or keyboard.
added January 16, 2007
Don't let the red balls touch the blue ball. This one is addictive.
added January 8, 2007
Tower Defence
Construct towers with various elements to prevent enemies from advancing to your castle.
added January 2, 2007
Set the angle/power of the catapult to launch the stuntman. See how far some skill and a little luck will take you.
added December 20, 2006
Cute holiday themed game, which simulates a snowball fight.
added December 18, 2006
Harpoon Lagoon
Similar to Gold Miner. Catch as many fish and collect as much treasure as possible within the time limit.
added December 17, 2006
Sheep Reaction
Cute sheep game to test your reflexes.
added December 10, 2006
Busy Burger
In this game, you assume the role of a fast food employee. Memorize your customer's order and prepare the food in time.
added December 5, 2006
Neko Tama
Nice little Shockwave game reminiscent of Plinko from The Price is Right. Have a great weekend.
added December 1, 2006
Too Many Bugs
Draw a line around like-colored bugs to merge them.
added November 28, 2006
Warthog Launch
Fun skill game inspired by Halo. Launch the jeep to hit all the aliens floating in the level.
added November 27, 2006
Short Circuit
Avoid the asterisks. Music plays a significant role so make sure you have the sound on to enhance your game play experience.
added November 25, 2006
Bug On A Wire
Hop from wire to wire and over crows to avoid getting eaten.
added November 20, 2006
Keep the smaller ball in play with your paddle while balancing the larger ball on the platform.
added November 19, 2006
Guru-Guru Neko
Cute and original Flash game. Collect dots and avoid mischievous creatures.
added November 13, 2006
Run Run
Avoid all obstacles in your way using either a small or big jump.
added November 6, 2006
QWERTY Warriors
A fun method to practice your typing. Type the words below each enemy to fire at them.
added November 5, 2006
Paint Ball
Draw a path to guide the ball to the red block.
added November 4, 2006
Make the trajectory of the sputnik as long as possible using the gravity of the planets.
added November 2, 2006
Candy Toss
The kids are coming... throw them the Halloween treats or they'll get angry.
added October 31, 2006
Double Wires
Physics-based game with a ragdoll that swings like Spider-Man.
added October 30, 2006
Swing from post to post to turn all the pegs yellow.
added October 29, 2006
Paper Toss
Throw the crumpled ball of paper into the wastebasket.
added October 28, 2006
Turbocharged Penguins
Keep the penguin in the air, using turbocharges for an extra boost.
added October 27, 2006
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