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Dolphin Olympics 2
Nicely designed game. Perform various tricks as a dolphin to set new marine mammal records.
added December 15, 2007
Flamingo Drive
It's like golf, only instead of a club you use a flamingo and the ball is a penguin.
added October 25, 2006
Free Kick Challenge
Score as many consecutive goals as you can in the Original Free Kick Challenge.
added October 20, 2006
10 Second Challenge
Hit the ball as far as you can within the 10 second time limit.
added October 6, 2006
Perform tricks on a trampoline. Remember to time your jumps for maximum height.
added September 27, 2006
Tennis Game
Superb tennis game. Play an exhibition match or participate in a tournament.
added September 14, 2006
Orca Slap
Send each penguin towards the target with a snowball and assistance from the orca.
added August 31, 2006
Basketball game. Make a shot from anywhere on the court for your opponent to follow.
added August 21, 2006
Crazy Pool
Clear the table by making balls of the same color collide with each other.
added August 16, 2006
Bumper Ball
Air hockey meets bumper cars. Score more goals than your opponent before the clock runs out.
added August 14, 2006
Table Tennis
Realistic 3D table tennis. Challenge one of three computer opponents in a best of 3 match.
added July 23, 2006
Jurassic Putt
Challenge yourself or up to three other players in 18 holes of miniature golf.
added July 14, 2006
Quirky billiards-type game. Strike the Looser ball that tries to elude your cue ball.
added June 27, 2006
Crab Ball
Play a game of beach volleyball as a crab. Includes relaxing ocean sounds to set the mood.
added June 19, 2006
BMX Park
Perform tricks on your BMX bike. Focus on the difficulty and variety of tricks to score maximum points.
added June 12, 2006
Pool Jam
Nine ball with speedier game play. You have three minutes to pot as many balls as you can.
added June 8, 2006
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